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How To Make An Office Run More Efficiently?

To ensure that the operations in your company run smoothly and to prevent people from going haywire, it is vital to take measures to ensure that everything in your office runs smoothly.

Here are 50 ways to help you ensure that the office experience is as smooth and pleasant as possible for everyone –

  1. A good clock-in/clock-out system (Eg. face recognition, fingerprint)

  2. Pantry

  3. Water machine (everyone needs to be hydrated)

  4. Coffee Machine

  5. Meeting Room

  6. Tea bags

  7. Office Snacks

  8. Hand Sanitizer

  9. Guest Chairs/Sofa

  10. TV Monitor

  11. Speaker

  12. Webcam

  13. Windows (if you dont have windows, consider getting circadian lighting)

  14. Organizational Chart

  15. Staff Onboarding Checklist

  16. Office Layout Plan

  17. Good Folder System

  18. Good Chat Platform

  19. Meeting Room Scheduler

  20. Staff Calendar

  21. Staff Hotline

  22. Clear Payslip

  23. Accessible Toilets

  24. Private Room for one-on-one conversations

  25. Office Printer

  26. Good Wifi

  27. Server

  28. Office Stationery

  29. Monitor, Laptop, Mouse for each staff

  30. A proper office email address

  31. A proper website

  32. A proper telephone line

  33. Leaders for each team

  34. Good time and attendance tracker

  35. Staff Appraisal System

  36. Buddy system for new employees

  37. Good teamwork environment (proper environment for each team in your office)

  38. Sense of ownership

  39. Strong company values

  40. Salary paid on time

  41. Reduced company gossip

  42. Open yet non-hostile environment

  43. Employee Rewards Program

  44. Good Project Management Software

  45. A good overview of every employee’s daily tasks

  46. A good accounting system

  47. A good claims system

  48. A good rostering system

  49. Company outings

  50. A good employee feedback system

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