Krowme eAttendance – Employee Attendance System

Just a phone + wifi access

Clock in from anywhere

It is important to make sure that everyone in your company strictly follows the clock in clock out protocol.

To enforce a punctual and timely workforce, you need an excellent time and attendance tracking solution that is easy to use for your employees.

Reduce Time Issues and Improve Tracking

No more undocumented employee attendance management issues.

Clock in from anywhere. Easily track when your emplyoees clock in and out from work.

Simple Pricing

Have the freedom to choose whichever plan works best for you, whether it’s still a fledging new business with simple needs or a mature company requiring a comprehensive and holistic overview of your workforce.



per user/month



per user/month

All payment plans will include cloud hosting, employee self service, automated reporting and more.

Features & Benefits

Flexible Dashboard

Customise your HR dashboard with preferred widgets.​

Seamless Integration​

Integrate seamlessly with your favourite accounting software or HRMS tools.​

Automated Reports

Generate any HR report you need in just a few clicks.

100% Paperless​

No more printing of Payslips, Submission of Receipts, HR Reports and more.​

Simplify Tasks

Easy-to-use HRMS tools help make your workload much less overwhelming.​

Employee Directory​

All your employee details, appraisals, inventory and more, kept in one place.​

Customer Testimonials

OpensoftHR is a super sleek, user-friendly platform that is ideal for organizing and streamlining HR data. We’ve been using it primarily to do eLeave, eAttendance and it’s proven to be an extremely effective tool.
Senior Human Resources Manager, Catering Solutions
Softwares are just programs we use, but support are the main reason we stay with the company. I must say that the support as well as after sales follow up by the team have been great so far.
Convenant Digital Supplies
The software is generally easy to use, accurate in computation, and the support is generally sufficient & timely. They are also able to troubleshoot whenever there are issues. The after sales service has been adequate so far.
Jane Tan
Organisation Change Manager, Tan Teck Seng Electric Co

Trusted by 2000+ customers

Krowme is the SAAS arm of OpensoftHR. We have over 2000+ companies that are actively using our platform for their HRMS needs.

Free for 1st 5 employees

Yes that’s right, the Krowme suite of modules is free for your 1st 5 employees for the first year.

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