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HR tools to engage better and speed up processes.

Access from Anywhere

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The platform is accessible via a webapp that can linked from your smartphone.
This means that you can access this app from anywhere, anytime

Streamline Your HR Operations

Here's how Krowme can help you to manage the onboarding of new employees and provide you with one source of workplace information, where approvals, notifications and automations, are all handled seamlessly throughout the platform.

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Improve Your Entire HR Workflow

Automated Reports

Generate any HR report you need in just a few clicks.

Customised dashboard

Customise your employee dashboard with your preferred widgets.

Simplify Processes

Krowme's easy-to-use HRMS tools help make your workload much less overwhelming.

Seamless Integration

Integrate seamlessly with your favourite accounting software or HRMS tools.

100% Paperless

No more printing of Payslips, Submission of Receipts, HR Reports and more.

Robust Employee Directory

All your employee details, appraisals, inventory and more, kept in one place.

Make Your Worklife Better

The modules we offer can collectively help you reduce the time spent on daily tasks like keeping track of claims, leaves, and KPIs of your employees.
Overtime, the data collected can also give you better insight on how to plan better for your workforce.

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