Customisable and Self-Service Leave Software

Helping you keep track of all leave matters properly 🏖️
Prevent unnecessary tension caused by poor leave management

Secure & Paperless

Shared Leave Calendar

Maintain Transparency

Gain access to a shared leave calendar to see which of your colleagues and when they are on leave, and have instant view of your available leave balance to start planning your vacation!

Reduce Time Issues

Improve Productivity

Being overly flexible with timings will lead to a sloppy workplace. It is greatly important to make sure that everyone in your company strictly follows the clock-in and clock-out protocol.

Precision Matters

Unique Approach

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"AI Co. Completely changed my growth forecasting"

Anthony Forrest

Available on iOS and Android devices

Mobile-first interface

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No more wasting time and energy going through all those hundreds of claim receipts every month💸

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