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5 Ways To Build A Culture Of Love At Work

The workplace is a place where we spend most of our lives at. It can be easy to be transactional about everything at work. However, being transactional means that there is no sense of belonging at the workplace.

To reduce the amount of transactional interactions, it is important to build a culture of love at work.

Here are 5 steps you can take to build a culture of love in your workplace.

1. Encourage your employees

Communication is key. Give each of your team members a word of encouragement every now and then. Provide constructive criticism when necessary and also compliment them when they do great work. They will greatly appreciate it.

2. Promote Wellness

Show your team that you care for their well-being by introducing free medical check ups, subsidized dental treatments or even by giving them healthy treats, like fruits! Consider having a fruit day once a week that they can look forward to.

3. Plan Fun Activities

Sometimes, the way to get some of your team members out of their shell is to organize fun activities to do together. Some fun activities include boardgames, exercise classes or even craft classes. You may discover a thing or two that you didn’t know about before!

4. Listen and Actually Implement

A happy team is a team where the team members feel heard and appreciated. Listen to your team whenever any of them has ideas or insights to help make tasks or the team experience better.

5. Be inclusive

It can be quite obvious if you show favouritism to any team member, even if you don’t think so. Strive to be kind and compassionate to all members of your team. They will greatly appreciate you for it.

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