Workplace Information Security Toolkit

Want to improve the information security standards in your workplace but do not know where to start! Download the Krowme Security Toolkit to take the first steps in improving your workplace security.

The Krowme Workplace Security Toolkit consists of the following items:

1. NDA Form

Sometimes your company may engage a partner company and/or freelancers to help with your workload. It is of vital importance to always get them to sign an NDA form before they commence with any task.
Not doing so may lead to complicated situations like them telling your competitors about your plans (and you not being able to sue them for doing so).

Usually there are 2 types of NDA templates , the first is a NDA for freelancers and the second is a NDA for Businesses.

2. ‘Good Information Security Practices At Work’ White Paper

You want to protect your business, customers and employees, especially when your employees and customers have their personal data in your hands.
Therefore, it is highly important to implement good information security practices in your workplace. This PDF will share the 4 key categories that you need to take measures to ensure that they are as secure as possible.

3. ‘Workplace Security’ Themed Desktop Screensavers

If you read the ‘Good Information Security Practices At Work’ White Paper (mentioned in point 2 above), you will understand why it is so important to turn on your screensaver whenever you are away from your computer.

In addition to helping you protect your computer whenever it is idle, our ‘Workplace Security’ Themed Desktop Screensavers also consists of bite sized security tips that anyone who walks past your desktop can benefit from.

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