Non-Disclosure Agreement Template

Sometimes your company may engage a partner company and/or freelancers to help with your workload. It is of vital importance to always get them to sign an NDA form before they commence with any task.
Not doing so may lead to complicated situations like them telling your competitors about your plans (and you not being able to sue them for doing so).

Usually there are 2 types of NDA templates , the first is a NDA for freelancers and the second is a NDA for Businesses.

Get your NDA templates by filling in the form below. 


  1. Download the NDA template from the links below. Insert the name of your vendor/freelancer in the file name. (eg. KrowmePteLtd.docx)
  2. Get your vendor/freelancer to fill up the parts highlighted in yellow and then sign it before sending back to you.
  3. Once they send it back to you, get approver to sign off on it before sending a copy back to your vendor/freelancer
  4. Remember to keep a copy of the signed NDA! Check out this article to find out how you can organize your company’s digital filing structure so you can find anything easily.