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A Guide To The 7 Steps In Your Employee’s Journey

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The people you bring into your team can make or break your company. Hence, it is important to hire the right people.  

Once you have figured out who you should hire, it is time to reach out to them. For Small Businesses, this can be a challenge.

In order to attract the ideal talent, especially as a Small Business, you need to establish a company presence online.

Here are 9 suggestions for you to make your employee onboarding experience pleasant for everyone involved.

Use the Employee Onboarding checklist for all your new hires, to ensure that all your new hires are onboarded properly.

Anyone will not feel valued in an unwelcoming environment. Here are 9 ways to make your employees and new hires feel more valued.

Find out how Krowme’s Employee-Self Service HRMS tools help you take the load off your shoulders, by letting your employees take charge of their personal updates, access payslips, submit claims, manage their leave and more.

In addition to onboarding the employee properly, you will also need to share your company’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Are your company SOPs a mess or not secure?  Find out how you can improve them.

3c. Payroll

Your new hire will need to get paid at least once a month. There are also plenty of factors that can affect your payroll. Find out how you can make the payroll process a hassle-free one.

4a. Probation Review

After 3 months it is time to have the probation review. Set the appointment timeslot and try not to change the timeslot or make your employee wait for you to be ready (this can leave a bad taste in your employee’s mouth).

4b. Probation Review Template

It is always good to access your employees not just based on your gut feeling (which may lead to misunderstandings when conveyed across to the employee), but instead with black and white data.

4c. Peer-to-Peer Survey

The best way to get genuine feedback about an employee’s work ethics, teamwork, work contributions and more, is to get their peers to review them.

SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. 


By setting SMART Goals, your employee will have a very clear focus on what they should achieve. 

Instead of only having once-a-year appraisals, it is important to constantly check-in with your employees to see their progress.

Do also record an update after each discussion, so it is easier to see how much progress has been made. 

Whenever a project ends, it is good to reach out to your employees for feedback.

Doing so can help you understand if there is anything to be improved on and whether if the project is aligned with the employees’ goals.

6a. Annual Review Template

It is always good to access your employees not just based on your gut feeling (which may lead to misunderstandings when conveyed across to the employee), but also with black and white data.

6b. Set New Goals

It is time to set new Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Spend some time reviewing the Career Development Plan for the last year. Decide together what new goals should be set for the new appraisal year.

6c. Rewards

The annual review is usually the point in time where the employee gets promoted, gets their salary increased, and more. Unsure about how to make your rewards as fair as possible to your employee?

An Exit Interview is a great way to find out what your organization needs to improve on. Use our Exit interview Worksheet to get constructive feedback from your employee.

6c. Express Gratitude

Show the exiting employee that you are thankful for their time in your company. Part ways on a good note. Who knows, the employee may come back to work with you again.

6c. Asking Employees to Leave

Unfortunately, sometimes a new hire may not be a good fit. If this is dragging down your team’s morale, it may be time to ask the hire to leave.  

Streamline Your HR Operations

Here's how Krowme can help you to manage the onboarding of new employees and provide you with one source of workplace information, where approvals, notifications and automations, are all handled seamlessly throughout the platform.

Make Your Worklife Better

The modules we offer can collectively help you reduce the time spent on daily tasks like keeping track of claims, leaves, and KPIs of your employees.
Overtime, the data collected can also give you better insight on how to plan better for your workforce.

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