Simplify HR Tasks

Produce The Same (Or Better) Results & Get Rid Of All the Unnecessary HR Workload
Unforseen HR related issues are bound to happen, especially if you are doing your HR tasks manually. By using quality HRMS tools (such as Krowme eLeave/eClaim/eAttendance), you can take all that unwanted load off your shoulders, so that you can focus on more important tasks (like growing your business to greater heights, or even having more time to spend with your family).

1. Go Paperless

Say goodbye to printing out monthly payslips and printing out Company documents like Organisational Charts, Desk Hotline Charts and more.

2. Seamless HR Integration

Seamlessly integrate your Krowme HRMS platform with any Accounting and/or Payroll software of your choice.

3. Generate Automated Reports

In just a few clicks, you can easily generate any HRMS report of your choice.

4. View All Company Updates At A Glance

  • Easy access to Company Wide Documents and Announcements.
  • Clock-in and Clock-out for the day.
  • See who is not in the office that day and if it is anyone’s birthday that day.
  • See the status of employee’s own leave request(s).

5. Employee Self-Service

Let Your Employees Manage Themselves

Update Personal Details

Instead of having to onboard each of your new hires manually onto your HR system, why not let them do it by themselves?

In this video, you will see how the Krowme HRMS Employee Self-Service Platform lets your employees update their personal details and onboard themselves easily.

Submit Claims Digitally

Sick of all the receipts flying around? Not looking forward to all the manual sorting of all the receipts and claims every month?

With Krowme eClaim, everything can be done digitally. Once your employee has submitted their claims, you will be notified to review it.

Manage Leave Digitally

Be instantly notified whenever your employee applies or adjusts their leave.

In this video, you will see how easy it is for your employee to apply for leave on the Krowme eLeave Platform.

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